Mailer Boxes

Trendy and sturdy boxes ready to ship

Since pandemic raise of online shopping and deliveries houses of buyers are loaded with brown cardboard boxes. 

Do not say you are using a dull and colourless box that is not attractive for clients and do not differ you from competitors.

What is a MAILER BOX?

It’s a sturdy, ready for shipping cardboard box
that arrives with a style – your design inside the box.

Bold print with
craft touch

Make your mailer box speak when it arrives at home or office!

Simple brown cardboard exterior is misleading as there’s a design wow inside!

Packaging that works and
doesn’t break a bank

You can surprise your clients with this packaging without breaking the bank. Outside of the mailer box is not printed, leaving the whole surface for the mailing labels. While unboxing the shipment customer can discover the brand story inside the box, where design is safe, not threatened with delivery labels. This clearly is a wow point for a good price. 

EU produced packaging 

Mailer boxes are produced in EU, factory is located in Riga, Latvia with locally sourced materials. This is a good choice for picking a packaging that hasn’t travelled oceans.

Mailer box as your
marketing tool

You have invested a lot while creating your product and attracting the customers. So, at the crucial moment when the first touch point between your brand and your customer is happening, you will make sure it is anything but ordinary delivery, right? 

First impression makes it all. This is why mailer box offers to use all the print area and surprise your clients. Mailer boxes ensure authentic and engaging representation of your brand.

Let your client recognise the packaging comes from your company. Strong brand identity includes consistent use of logo, colours and values. Imagine the feeling you want to create on your website. The exact feeling you can make happen with a physical delivery. Consistency from A to Z is the base of a brand strategy.


The quality of the packaging is associated with your product. The way you have wrapped your product demonstrates how much time you have invested in crafting a great customer experience. It is a true indicator of your product’s value.

Using mailer boxes, you demonstrate taking care and advancing your customers’ experience. 

Communicate your emotions with the right choice of mailer boxes – white corrugated cardboard is a better choice for bright and bold colours, while brown cardboard is more for creating nature friendly image.

Go that extra mile

Sure, it is good enough to deliver the product. But we encourage you to take that extra mile. An easy way to deliver fascinating unboxing experience is to let your design be truly creative.  Add some cute, handwritten thank-you card especially if it is possible to address it personally – and believe us – everyone will feel pampered! Immerse in this creative spirit – perhaps a perfect quote, some good joke or nice story in pictures. Each detail will tailor your relationships with clients and boost repeated sales. You can add some information about your products, samples, discount coupons in your mailer box as well.

Clients today ask and expect for more. Make sure your packaging meets their requirements!

Easily folded

To deliver better price you will receive mailer boxes flat. Nevertheless, folding a box is a quick task and it is ready for shipment!

Nature friendly packaging

First of all, it is a planet friendly decision not to use plastic for your packaging. When deciding on a paperboard, you are choosing a natural material, that can be recycled. Cellulose fibres can be reused for production up to seven times.

Thanks to light, moisture, air and microbes paperboard boxes break down to natural elements.

Your clients are your ambassadors

While focusing on creating a brand awareness it is the mouth-to-mouth communication that is so extremely important. Creating a packaging your customers will talk about adds your brand value. 

Great design can create strong publicity on social media, especially in the segment of younger customers. But that works also vice versa. Delivering low quality or damaged packaging you risk adding your brand negative associations hard to get rid of. 

Find the right size

Finding the right size means reducing waste. Fit the right box and you will need less filling material.

Create a mailer box people will reach for!

If you deliver mailer box that sticks in customers memory you have done your homework! Mailer box will serve as a platform for representation of your product, customers will happily experience “ta-da!” moment of unforgettable unboxing!

And show that you got style!