Artwork guidelines

Here you will find main technical requirements your artwork should fit.
Please provide print files in PDF format:

  • PDF version 1.4 – 1.6
  • with “press quality” or similar settings
  • with crop marks (trim marks)
  • bleed 10 mm
  • page size, Artboard (trim box, crop size) defined to finished product size (identical to size of die-cut).


  • All texts used should be converted to outlines.


  • According to planned print colours (CMYK, Pantone, SPOT).
  • Special colours (Pantone, silver, gold, etc.) as SPOT colour.
  • Overprint on for coating, lamination and special finishes.
  • Delete all unused colour swatches, channels.
  • Black text only in black colour (black channel).
  • Pantone and CMYK colours are only reference values when producing print colours.
  • The colours of the resulting print may vary depending on the material they are printed on.
  • Cut as line, not fill.


  • Resolution – 300 ppi (+/- 20%) at actual size.
  • Artworks for sizes from A3 allowed from 150 ppi.

Multipage documents

  • All pages in one file, each page as separate (no spreads).

Filename and transfer

  • Filename according to file content.
  • Do not use characters with special symbols – āčēģīķļņšūžåäëïöü.

Colour profiles, ink coverage

  • Ink coverage (total ink, ink limit): coated paper – 320%; uncoated paper – 260%;
  • Please use:

Coated paper:

(, or
PSO_Coated_v3.icc colour profile

Uncoated paper:


  • Do not include ICC profiles.