Do you provide standard packaging?

We believe every product, brand or idea deserves its own box. We have no idea what a standard packaging is honestly.

How long does the production take?

It can take between two to four weeks depending on the size and specifications of the order. If the production and shipment is needed until a certain date, it is possible to agree on a fixed date.

Can you make a prototype?

Yes, it is a must before any new project to doublecheck is everything the way you expect to. The cost of the prototypes are: paperboard, folding carton boxes starting from EUR 30,00, corrugated boxes starting from EUR 30,00, rigid boxes starting from 60,00.

What are the minimum quantities?

50 pieces is a minimum we recommend.

Can you produce just one box?

Yes, it is possible. Costs are unreasonably high. We guess that is what you expect from a one piece of magic.

Can you produce more that 5000 units?

Yes, sure.

Is it possible to split orders?

Yes, details should be discussed for each deal.

Where is the packaging manufactured?

All our boxes are manufactured in Latvia. Our factory is located 10km from Riga city centre in Mārupe County. 

How the packaging will be shipped?

We use different size one-way pallets or transport boxes to pack and send your order. You will be given a tracking number and you will be able to contact our team at any time.