Our muscles

Listening your story

The magic of bespoke packaging starts with a talk. We want to get to know the whole story whether you design your packaging for the first or twenty first time. A quick e-mail or meeting over coffee to understand your needs and plans and we are ready to go!

Blessing from our team of experts

Every product, brand or idea deserve extra attention. Our team of experts summarize know-how of entire packaging industry so they can take you on this journey from zero to hero. Whether you need a smart and simple concept or a custom designed wow box, we can get you the look taking into consideration your budget and production.

Know-how solutions

There are plenty of cases when magic of packaging has not happened. Although we do not hire a psychotherapist, our experienced team with passion will suggest various solutions and details to get the job done and your product, brand or idea noticed. It is our daily art – to implement projects apart from the standard. 

Steady production quality

We use raw materials from trusted suppliers to manufacture our packaging. For getting right all the tricky parts we oversee the production of each and every print and mould job. Our clients applause us for lead time of repeated orders while they can keep focusing on their product or brand to shine.