FREEDRUM: custom corrugated box for spreading the joy

FREEDRUM combines physical devices with a software subscription, allowing musicians to play the drums, produce rhythms, and learn music anytime, anywhere.

Noiseless drumming gear? Ever heard?

First thing that pops up in mind about drumming is noise, as well as large space and quite a budget you need to get a set of drums. So FREEDRUM has revolutionised the market with a virtual drum kit that fits in a pocket. Combining drumsticks with FREEDRUM sensors and smartphone makes drumming super easy as never before. Powered by Kickstarter FREEDRUM leads you to unparalleled mobility. 

Fulfilled dreams of playing drums

Instead of being loud and expensive FREEDRUM allows anyone to try out playing drums. If there would be similar innovations for other hobbies, we would be spending our time more meaningful. With this silent and portable solution, everyone get all to start playing the drums, as well as create beats and jam everywhere and anytime. 

Be a rockstar! Recycle!

Says a reminder on the FREEDRUM custom box. A responsible and sustainable choice for the packaging not only looks great but tells a lot about your brand. It is custom constructed purely from craft paperboard from trusted sources and produced in EU.