FOLDED: a collection of coffee table games. Chapter one.

It is our mission to find the right box for each brand, product or idea.

Are you ready to play?

Thinking about our seasonal gifts for clients our Key Account Manager Inga came up with an idea about a board game so our clients could spend more time in person with their family, colleagues, or friends. 

Signature box to impress

There were no doubts about the choice of packaging – our Structural Designer Natālija stood for the top difficult box to be produced – a clamshell box. It protects our custom-made dominoes with double design and chocolate covered almonds as a sweet taste of victory for the game.

Great tradition born

It is never bad timing for a new tradition to start. We decided on creating a coffee table game collection to continue the story of spending more time together with our dearest ones. This will be our reminder also for next gifts to come!