ABAVAS RHUBARB: first taste of spring

Some may call it a vegetable, some may call it a fruit, nevertheless it tastes magically when converted to sparkling wine.

The season’s opener

Being one of the first produces in gardens, rhubarb opens the season of local goodies. With its sour and sweet taste rhubarb unfolds whether you can eat it without a squint in your eyes or you need a pile of sugar to immerse the sour stem in.  

From joke to best seller

Rhubarb sparkling wine was first made in 2012 as a joke for friends. Who would resist trying something that peculiar? But the trick is this successful joke earned popularity and now this is a true pride of ABAVAS winery. This crispy taste serves as a special treat for presidents and VIP’s and it has become a great gift for representing the surprising taste of Northern Europe in the whole world!

New refined look

The symbolic dragonfly of ABAVAS winery arrays the new packaging of rhubarb sparkling wine. The flowing sour and crisp notes of rhubarb are amplified with a print of 2 pantone colours as well as golden foil stamping of the dragonfly itself.