PIKU: bring light and beauty to the world

Light letters and wooden home decors with a touch of the traditions of craftsmanship

It all started with “R”

The story behind PIKU is based on a real need that almost all families meet. Small Ralf was getting his first room and his mom Laima created a personalized night lamp with his initial. Not only this item serves design and function wise but also clearly indicates who the owner of this room is.  

From radiant night to party vibe

From first clients who were afraid to sleep in the dark PIKU home decors moved to weddings, birthday parties and larger events. You can often see classic shaped birch letters with LED lights in many photos on Instagram for creating great vibe. 

Wooden alphabet blocks

With every new product PIKU stands for high quality materials to use, unique design and passion of what they do. That is also true for new design game specially created for toddlers and pre-schoolers to help develop their skills for recognizing letters. The game allows you to make words, play role-games, build houses, and use imagination to spend your time in fun and useful way.  

Rigid box, magnetic clip, gold foil stamping