ULECE: granny secrets for the little ones

Heatable eco toys that help mommies by sharing experiences

From tummy pain to healthy sleep

At the heart of this cute brand ULECE there is a family. Starting with eldest daughter, designer Luiza, the driving force of the brand – mother Agnese and little sister Anna, with whom it all started. 

Happy kids and happy family

ULECE star products anti-colic heating pads and bed warmers combines the magic benefits of warmth. Heating pad pre-warms the crib and help baby deal with temperature change. Microwavable stuffed animals – bunny and mouse – helps to build a bedtime routine gradually preparing a child for sleep. 

Black and white and also grey

The fact that new-borns up to 12 weeks see only black, white and grey colours , is also adopted in ULECE design. All toys, as well as packaging is developed in this sense of binocular vision and are truly adorable!