FLASH YOU AND ME: a glamorous rigid box for custom lingerie

A brand of feminine lingerie that encourage to explore sensuality

New version of femininity

Back in 2013 Liva Steina, the designer of FLASH YOU AND ME, wanted to create playful lingerie that would provide a source of pleasure. Now the brand has become more intense, feminine, and independent. Brand’s refined and sensual style makes it impossible to confuse their products with other brands. 

From traditional to more daring items

All collections of FLASH YOU AND ME are handmade and known for using high quality materials to ensure comfort and femininity. Fabrics are selected for their capacity to perfectly embrace the body’s curves: organic cotton, natural silk, breathable mesh, delicate lace, light tulle. All garments can be mixed to match your desires. 

Custom box for custom sized lingerie

FLASH YOU AND ME is a family-owned business that loves getting to know their customers. And as brands vision is cater to every client’s need, they offer custom sizing and individual orders. Of course, a custom rigid box is the only packaging we could imagine for such a unique and sensual brand. 

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