ABAVAS WINERY: most Northern vine yards of Europe

Family business that produces quality beverages from fruits and berries.

Business or lifestyle?

Inspiration and wish to create a vineyard and winery in Latvia came to Mārtiņš and Liene while visiting wineries in Tuscany. It turned out once the most Northern vineyards of Europe have been located on the banks of river Abava (Latvia) and this region has always been famous for its skilful winemakers. Thus since 2010 Barkāni family makes their dreams comes true and you definitely do not want to call this a business but more a lifestyle. 

And most importantly – do it from your heart

Abava wines are produced by use of perfected, tried and tested traditional Italian wine-making methods that are supplemented with original innovations, which allow to develop a new approach to making wine. Abavas winery allows the winemakers to bring joy to others and to experience the joy of creation themselves – from new ideas to harvest, working with loyal customers, holding presentations to sellers, sommeliers and juries during international competitions.

Northern port wine with symbolic dragonfly

Northern people believe that human is inseparable from nature. And Barkāni family has chosen a dragonfly as a symbol of their winery. There are more than 50 species on dragonflies in Abava valley. A golden dragonfly also decorates the splendid box of black currant fortified wine. The drink is made by applying classic port wine craftsmanship – fortified black currant wine with originally distilled black currant spirit. It is a perfect addition for gourmet dinner or slow conversation between close friends.

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