GAMECHANGER AUDIO: changing the way music sounds

Boundary pushing brand GAMECHANGER AUDIO revolutionize market of music by crafting innovative effects pedals

From boredom to innovation

Observing release of new products year by year that are still copying the same functions since rock’n’roll was discovered in 1960’ties, four friends came up with innovative guitar pedal. Last 6 years they have managed to create devices that provide real value both for musicians and engineers. GAMECHANGER AUDIO pedals are respected by such music stars as Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Roger Water etc. 

Idols inspiring for the next big thing

“I can make anything” – a legendary statement in music history by Paul Bigsby who switched from making motorcycles to making musical instruments and succeeded as designer of solid body electric guitar. Admiring Bigsby system’s unique feel, sound and design the idea of creating a Bigsby style pedal was born. Already in coming fall first fans are going to receive their new devices. 

To let yourself not think about packaging

To be able to create unlike products that really makes a difference the team of GAMECHANGER AUDIO must spend a lot of time somewhere between music and engineering. So we are ready to support producers like them with our packaging expert knowledge so they would feel safe that this mission is covered.

Packaging: corrugated box, matt lamination, UV gloss