SILMACHY: raw materials as inspiration for a new packaging

SILMACHY is a natural skin and haircare brand founded in an old farmhouse surrounded by forests and meadows.

Taking good care of beards and moustaches

Beard oils and moustache waxes were the first products of SILMACHY brand to conquer the hearts of mindful men. Beautiful beard doesn’t occur overnight so it must be taken care of. A hipster beard or some other kind of the most sought-after beard styles in recent times needs a good conditioning and moisturizing. Especially with treatments that do not include aggressive ingredients.

Zero waste kick towards bestsellers

Being convinced that less is more, SILMACHY continued their product line with lightly scented zero-waste soap and conditioner bars. Every product affirms the love to nature and its resources. Each product is handmade so warm touch in combination with high performing natural and organic ingredients give the most for effective skin and hair treatment. 

True colors 

When creating the concept and design for the new packaging, there was not much to think about. The colours of raw ingredients in SILMACHY products whispered the right answer.