A box for collections of rare books

What is a clamshell box?

If you have ever came across book collections or a need to preserve rare books, photos, papers, textiles, or other loose and unbound objects, you might have heard about clamshell boxes. It might be called as a bespoke archival box that is individually created for reasons stated earlier.

Strong and dustproof packaging

The term “clamshell box” refers to a particular box style constructed from one piece of material, and it opens just like books. A traditional clamshell box will be hinged on its spine that drops down and opens flat to take a careful look on its contents. Clamshell box has a hinge of sorts on one of its three sides, allowing the book to lay flat inside the bottom of the box while the topside and spine-side can be opened and extended for viewing the book. The top and bottom fit into one another snugly to provide complete cover and protection for the book inside.

Custom and decorated

Clamshell boxes are usually custom-made according to the specifications of a particular book or object. In the same time they are decorative items not only serving as protective tool but also beautiful piece of taste.