SPA publishers: a slipcase for a standard setting book

This is a clear mission for monograph of over 950 richly illustrated pages
covering whole working life or maritime archaeologist Karel Vlierman.

Printed paradise for history lovers

SPA UITGEVERS is a Dutch publisher and internet bookseller of archaeological and historical publications with more that 3500 titles in stock about Prehistory, the Roman period, and the Medieval and Post Medieval period.

Dressing up a book that respects all one’s working life

One of the newest editions is called “Cogs, small cogs and boats” covering Dutch and Flemish archaeological finds that relate to period from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century when important part of the economy in north western Europe was based on trade in the Hanseatic League. Maritime archaeologist Karel Vlierman has excavated shipwrecks all his working life. This edition embodies his research that has resulted in an impressive monograph of over 950 richly illustrated pages, together with some 70 large technical drawings of all the investigated cogs and their reconstructions.

A book that will set the standard

In cooperation with P&B Print our team developed solid slipcase for technical drawings as well as convenient corrugated box to house both impressive books and the slipcase. We keep our fingers crossed for this voluminous book to set the standard for publications on maritime archaeology for decades to come.