Flyte: luxury box for levitating timepiece

Swedish company FLYTE is widely known for their inspiring and iconic products that combine art, technology and minimalistic design.

Combination of magnetic levitation and induction

Magnetic levitation was all that interested FLYTE founder Simon Morris when he was 16. After hovering in the air literally everything Simon started experimenting with Nikola Tesla’s theories of wireless power. And so in 2015 FLYTE was born. 

World’s first levitating timepiece

STORY is genius way to visualize time in a design object that encompasses the unique feeling we experience in relation to time. STORY consists of a magnetically levitating sphere that orbits around a wooden base telling the time. It even illuminates real time meteorological data, such as moon phases.

Luxury box for levitation high-design product

Witnessing global shipping issues through pandemic FLYTE decided to go for European manufacturer to create custom signature box for STORY. 

A solid black rigid box with minimalistic design and magnetic lock now is capsulating epic timepiece to be safely delivered for clients to create intriguing unwrapping experience.