COFFEE PIXELS: coffee you can eat

How to experience specialty coffee outside of a coffee shop?
With this mission in mind search for a new inspiration of edible coffee begun.

Espresso on the go

Founder of COFFEE PIXELS Raivis Vaitekūns firmly believes they have created the best tasting edible coffee product in the world – a cute bar that tastes like a dark espresso yet feels like a chocolate bar. It works as a functional coffee alternative – not just a delicious snack, but a nutritionally-though-through solution. And the chocolatey-looking bar actually contains the caffeine equivalent to an espresso, antioxidants and also fibre which is great!

Use of whole coffee cherry

Since 2016 COFFEE PIXELS has come up with unique solutions such as a roasting profile specifically created for their products and the 100% use of whole coffee cherry. Traditionally only the coffee bean is used and coffee fruit is just a waste product. By this solution COFFEE PIXELS up-cycle coffee fruit into an antioxidant rich and tasteful snack. And in the same time it means coffee farmers receive 5 times higher income.

Brain focus superfood

Last year made us all stay at home much more than ever. While some of us feel more productive, some complain distractions at home are quite powerful. No matter if you are an office person or homey one this sustainably crafted brain boosting bar will actually make to focus and stay productive throughout the day. It is a true superfood that enhances focus, memory and mental clarity. 

2 boxes in 1

Having a different form COFFEE PIXELS bars are taking coffee to places it wasn’t available before. So this means the team was looking for travel safe boxes that can serve also for showcasing cute bars at different sales points all over the world.

We hope the dream of COFFEE PIXELS will come true and it will be possible to wrap bars in boxes made out of the coffee paper sometime in the future.